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About Die Casting Process

It is a manufacturing process that can produce complex metal parts through reusable molds, called dies. This process involves the use of a furnace, metal, die casting machine, and die. The metal, typically a non-ferrous alloy such as aluminum or zinc or magnesium, is melted in the furnace and then injected into the dies in the die casting machine. A cold chamber die casting machine or a hot chamber die casting machine will be used in this process.

Advantages of Zinc Alloy Die Casting

  • Zinc alloys produce a precise and resilient casting with more excellent impact resistance than aluminum counterparts.
  • The surface of a zinc casting part allows for excellent adhesion of almost any finish to its substrate. The finish provides excellent characteristics for visual aesthetics, corrosion resistance or increased durability.
  • Zinc’s fluidity provides increased precision compared to other materials allowing designs that do not require additional expensive machining.
  • The zinc die casting part can last 10 times longer than that made of aluminum.

High Strength

Zinc alloys are more robust than aluminum, which means zinc castings can be produced with less material to optimize strength while lowering cost investment.

Rapid Production

It allows a high volume of die casting parts to be produced quickly and cost-effectively than alternative casting processes

Recyclable and Reusable

Almost 100% of zinc casting parts can be reused, which is environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Material options

Moxperts offer a wide variety of certified alloys for die casting parts.

Finishing Services

Moxperts team wants to offer you a prototype that will look like the final product. Talk to one of our project managers to get your project started.

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