Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
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About Sheet Metal Assembly

Sheet metal can be cut, bent or stretched into nearly any shape, then fabricated into various metal parts. The various parts can be assembled by welding, binding with adhesives, rivets, or threaded fasteners. In most manufacturing processes, both human labor and automation are commonly used.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Assembly.

  • Moxperts team can perform electro-mechanical assembly at any level from basic to complex. Our sheet metal assembly process can be an excellent solution to meet customers’ expectations.
  • With the help of testing facilities, we can perform product testing to ensure that the final assembly is working correctly before leaving our facility.
  • Thanks to the rich experience in the past 10+ years, our team can finish different missions across various industries. We are your one-stop shop for any customized project.

Metal Assembly

Moxpterts offers final sheet-metal assembly services for items fabricated by our customers or us, enabling firms to improve their production processes.

Electro-mechanical Assembly

We can finish any product assembly with parts from wire harnesses to power supplies and beyond, integrating electrical, mechanical and other non-sheet metal parts.

Contract Manufacturing

Moxperts can simplify your supply chain: provide OEM design, efficient production, private labelling and customized packaging solution, delivery of assembled finished goods directly to your customers.

Material options

Moxperts offer a wide variety of certified metal and plastic materials for rapid protopypes made of sheet metals.

Finishing Services

Moxperts team wants to offer you a prototype that will look like the final product. Talk to one of our project managers to get your project started.