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What is EDM process?

Electrical discharge machining (short for EDM) is a manufacturing process that precisely removes conductive materials using an electrode. It can be used in the machining of complex shapes in hard materials. Similar to pushing a form into soft material, the electrode leaves a negative imprint in the workpiece. The physical process is a little more complicated: In a small gap between workpiece and electrode, a discharge removes material through melting or vaporizing. For this process, the electrode and the workpiece have to be submerged in a dielectric fluid.

Advantages of EDM Process

  • It can be used on any hardened material as long as it is conductive. It is, therefore, possible to machine workpieces made from tungsten carbide or titanium.
  • It is the lack of mechanical force put into the workpiece. Fragile outlines are easier to produce because there is no high cutting force needed to remove the material.
  • Allows for shapes and depths that are impossible to reach with a cutting tool. Intense processing where the tool length to diameter ratio would be very high. Sharp internal corners, deep ribs and narrow slots are other specialties of EDM processing.

Wire EDM

Also known as wire erosion, wire burning or spark EDM. In Wire EDM, a thin wire is used to cut the workpiece. In this case, the wire works as the electrode. If the cut has to be made in the middle rather than the outside of the workpiece, a small hole drilling EDM is used to make a hole in the workpiece through which the wire is threaded afterward.

Sinker EDM

The conventional EDM, also referred to as Ram EDM, die sinking, or cavity-type EDM. Cavity type because it creates complex cavity shapes for various casting applications such as plastic injection molding.

Hole EDM

EDM hole drilling, or “hole poppers,” relies on a tubular electrode with dielectric fluid flowing through its center and back out similar to a coolant-fed drill bit, enabling the dielectric fluid to flow through the electrodes easily.

Material options

Moxperts offer a wide variety of certified metal and plastic materials for rapid prototyping services.

Finishing Services

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