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What is CNC Turning?

As one of the basic CNC machining process, the CNC turning process is a way to employ single-point cutting tools and remove material from the rotating workpiece. In CNC turning, the machine—typically a CNC lathe machine—feeds the cutting tool in a linear motion along the surface of the rotating workpiece, removing material around the circumference until the desired diameter is achieved, to produce cylindrical parts with external and internal features, such as slots, tapers, and threads. Operational capabilities of the turning process include boring, facing, grooving, and thread cutting. When it comes down to a CNC mill vs lathe, milling works better for more complex parts with rotating cutting tools. However, with rotating workpieces and stationary cutting tools, lathes work best for faster, more accurate creation of round parts.

Advantages of CNC Turning

  • Fast and repeatable for low volume manufacturing
  • CNC prototypes deliver on precise and high tolerance specifications
  • Wide range of products and rapid prototype manufacturing materials
  • Rapid machining offers excellent surface finishing

Cylindrical parts

The CNC turning process is ideal for creating round or cylindrical parts. Lathes create these parts quickly, accurately and with excellent repeatability.

Range of processes

Although generally used for parts of a specific shape, CNC turning can still be used to carry out a variety of processes, including drilling, boring, threading and knurling.

Precision and accuracy

As the CNC machining process is highly automated, individual parts are more precise and more accurately generated under mass production. 

Material options

Moxperts offer a wide variety of certified metal and plastic materials for rapid prototyping services.

Finishing Services

Moxperts team wants to offer you a prototype that will look like the final product. Talk to one of our project managers to get your project started.